13 of the Best Ways to Hide Weed Odors

Ever had a roommate complain about your shared space smelling like weed or worried your in-law may not approve of that weed smell, then you’ve needed to hide the smell of weed. Those of us who smoke may not mind but what do we do when someone does? The Smoker’s Circle has you covered with 13 of the best ways to hide weed odors!


Incense is the staple product that stoners use to hide that weed smell.  Religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and more have used or still use incense in their faith. So just because you smell an incense does not mean that those people are smoking weed. Two common types of incense are sticks and cones. There are burners specifically made for the two, but you can also find burners that can burn both. The incense cone burners have some really amazing designs that use the smoke to create a waterfall or even cloud effects!

-Inmate Incense


Desperate times can call for desperate measures. That said we don’t recommend this one. To make an “inmate incense” you need a stick of gel deodorant a roll of single ply toilet paper, and something to make fire. Maybe a fire extinguisher too. You know your gonna mess it up. Simply roll out the TP and apply the deodorant across the TP till saturated. The deo makes it burn slower and create the scent. Roll the TP up tight like an empty joint and light it and blow it out once its lit just like a traditional incense.

“We aren’t your mother but don’t do this.”


-Scented Candles


Scented candles can be an awesome tool to eliminate odors while giving your space a homey feel. Some people prefer candles to incense because they aren’t usually associated with smokers, hippies, and spiritualists. But rather as one of the most commonly found household fresheners.  The thing about candles is they typically cost more than incense. For the price of a quality candle (ever buy a good Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret scented candle), you could easily buy months of fodder for your burner. That said no one ever said you couldn’t have both!

-Air Fresheners



This is probably the most common way to hide weed and odors in general. Have dinner plans later and don’t want the whole place smelling like an episode of Weeds? Just grab a can of your favorite scent and let that odor elimination science they talk about work its magic..er..science.

Amazon says this is a best seller81rwMSSbXYL._SL1500_Proof stoners do drive the economy?


 -Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are perfect for multiple things like removing the smell of weed. They’re also used to improve the quality of the air! Hepa and carbon filters are ideal for removing the smell of cannabis smoke. Carbon filters are also known for removing odors. Carbon molecules have the ability to bind to odor particles and rid them from the air. Hepa means high-efficiency particulate air. Hepa filters work to remove smells by trapping particles in a very fine mesh. The mesh will catch and eliminate the odor particles from the air. UV-C light is used in some air purifiers! When you use an air purifier that uses UV-C lights it will start by pulling air in and through a fine filter like a HEPA filter. After that air is then filtered through into a small chamber where it is exposed to the UV-C light. You won’t be able to see the light and you won’t be exposed to it either. There are air purifiers that have the air go through a second filter as well. But following either of those steps, the air is released back into the room.

-Smoke Filter

A commercial smoke filter like the SmokeBuddy or the Sploofy can be an easy fix for the light smoker. These products allow you to exhale your smoke through them to eliminate the odor. The drawback is they do nothing about smoke rising from the bowl itself or the residual smoke coming through the mouthpiece. Still, smoke filters in some form or another are an age old tried and true method for hiding the smell of weed.

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When you’re trying to hide the smell of weed it is useful make your own sploof. A sploof can be made from a plastic bottle or a toilet paper roll. If you use a bottle you will need to cut the bottle in half. After that, you’ll be stuffing dryer sheets into the roll or the bottle. You can use toilet paper alongside the dryer sheets for more filtering. Now you’ll need to take a dryer sheet and put it on the bottom of the bottle or tube. Rubber bands, strings, or tape are three good things to use to hold that dryer sheet in place. Now you’re ready to smoke! Simply exhale through the sploof for a clean laundry smell instead! Though, you need to be sure to make a new one if the one you have is dirty from the smoke you’ve blown through it.

-Use less weed


Everybody loves the green hit on a nice full bowl but the truth is you waste more green with a full bowl and you make stronger smoke, not through the mouthpiece but from the bowl itself. If you’ve ever seen someone pass the water pipe and seen smoke rolling of the bowl then you have already seen what we are talking about. Cut back the smell in the room by packing smaller bowls. It’ll help ensure more of that precious smoke goes into your lungs and not all over your furniture and walls where the smell will linger longer.  

-Pipes/ One hitters

This ties into the “use less” get more mentality we talked about above. Think about striking a match vs striking 20 matches at once. Smoking with one-hitters and smaller hand pipes creates less smoke from the bowl so most of what you burn will come through the mouthpiece. Seems easy right make your weed last longer and eliminate some of the weed odor created by smoking.



Vaping weed is a fantastic way of getting rid of most of the smell altogether. When you’re vaping from the pen or the bigger vape machines it creates far less odor than a bong, cone, or blunt. Vape pens can be bought in different levels of strength. If you get a stronger pen you will be vaping it less because you are getting high much quicker. But the mist from vaping from a pen also dissipates quicker than normal smoke. Depending on the user, using a vape machine to vape your weed could save you some in the end.

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-Shower/Brush Teeth

@sethdoylee (2)

Maybe that bothersome weed smell isn’t coming from your room this time. You’ve already cleaned your room yet that smell just creeps its way back in. Well man, sorry to tell you, but that smell is you! That blunt you just smoked has coated you, your clothes, and your mouth in the odor. The best thing for you to do now is to take a shower. Don’t forget the clothes you took off still smell like weed, so grab a new outfit. Make sure you don’t forget to brush those pearly whites and your tongue. Your tongue is going to keep hold of a lot of the smell so make sure you are thorough. If you are still worried about your breath you can use mints or mouthwash. After that, if it is still a problem you just have to eat something and that should get rid of any remaining weed smell.

-Go Outside


This one seems pretty self-explanatory but one of the easiest ways to get rid of the smoke smell is to just smoke outside. You know feel the wind in your hair as it blows the smoke away from your circle. You can’t really get more ventilation from the smoke then the great wide open. So go out to the back patio and kick back with your favorite bowl and spark it up. Obviously, this all assumes your in a pro-cannabis state smoking legally in a space you’re allowed to smoke in. Not to mention if it’s raining, snowing, or the world has become some sort of bizarre FallOut style post-apocalypse (we call dibs naming our town Megaton,) then just stepping outside to smoke may be an issue you for you. When you have to smoke indoors the next best thing is ventilation.

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-Open the windows(ventilate)@veroz (1)

Obviously, the best ventilation is to open a window and let the room air out naturally or with help from a fan but just like smoking outdoors the weather can hinder this method. So how do you create ventilation when you can’t open a window? Well, one solution is to smoke in your bathroom or kitchen. Most bathrooms and most stove hoods have some sort of ventilation fan, you know, for getting rid of smoke and smells. Just be mindful that some apartment complexes have connected vents on the stove fans and you could end up blowing your smoke right into your neighbor’s apartment.


What did you think? Do you know some other ways to hide that pesky weed smell? Comment below and on social media to let us know how we can improve the content on this page. We got it started, and it isn’t peer pressure but it is your turn.

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