11 of the Greatest Video Games to Play Stoned!

We at The Smoker’s Circle have put into discussion what the greatest games to play stoned are! From fighting to horror, games can always make you and your buddies high much more exciting. What makes a game great to play while having a toke?  A story that you can easily immerse yourself into is always appreciated. And nothing helps pull you into the game like a bomb soundtrack! Games with unique visuals absolutely draw attention from the smoking crowd. Replay value is very important in games whether you want to smoke while playing them or not. Perhaps the most important thing a game needs to make our list is to be fun. 

(This game listing isn’t ranked or in a particular order)

       1. Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy 10

The Final Fantasy series is known by probably every gamer. It is a long-running series full of incredible stories and adventures! The franchise is known for having awesome graphics and spectacular cutscenes. Final Fantasy has had some great music throughout its games that somehow perfectly reflects the mood and events of the story. There are a few games in the series that haven’t been taken well by the community. But most of the Final Fantasy games are fun and will keep you entertained for hours on end. With games that span four disks and other games with expansions, there is an awe-inspiring amount of content. And last but not least there is plenty of replay value with different skill trees to go up in the games. Even if you get tired of the normal gameplay, they do usually feature games within the game. You can play a card game or get blitzed playing blitzball!

       2. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is an amazing third-person role-playing game that takes you into the life of a witcher named Geralt. A witcher is a human that has gone through magical experimentation and that has been put under controlled mutation to fight monsters scattered across the land. This game has a phenomenal story that will have you immersed and wanting to play more. Good news for you, there are two very nicely sized expansions that will add thirty hours to the game! There is more story, locations, and interesting enemies for you to fight. The main game and expansions are packed with engaging tracks that’ll make you feel in the moment! The Witcher 3 doesn’t exactly have unique visuals per say. But the game is beautiful and The Witcher 3 brings more vibrant colors to the normally dark medieval games. The enemies in the game are so well done they’re almost gross to see at times. For a game with a great story and beautiful graphics, its combat system has had some mixed reviews. Some love the combat and others hate it, but we at The Smoker’s Circle had no big issues with it. In the game, there are choices to make that change the outcome of certain events. With the different outcomes and the 100 hours of the main game and expansions to play, there is definitely replay value here!

       3. Mario Kart series

Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart games have made and broken friendships since 1992! Mario Kart lets you race computers or friends with some of your favorite Nintendo characters. There is an assortment of characters to play as like Mario, Toad, and in the newest installment Link comes in for a race! This game doesn’t have much of a story for you to get immersed into. There are races to be done and cups to win, but there is no story to immerse yourself into. The game makes up for not having a story by having music that feels like the maps in music form, that is how well the music fits the racing stages. Mario Kart games have never been particularly great looking. But the games do always include Nintendo’s unique visual style. Mario Kart 8 takes Nintendo’s style and graphics to the max and is easily the best looking game in the series. Not only does it look good, but it is tons of fun to play. This game is best played with a room full of stoned friends! So get the herbs ready, it is time to hot box the room and start the races. Mario Kart 7 introduced gliders to the mix and the eighth iteration brought maps where the tracks go sideways and sometimes upside down! As long as you have friends, there will always be replay value with the Mario Kart games.

Mario Kart

       4. Don’t Starve series

Don't Starve 2

The Don’t Starve franchise is a very interesting take on your everyday survival game. It is a third person survival with a hand-drawn 2.5D aesthetic to it. There are plenty of characters to play as with different weird and grim looks to them. The enemies and livestock are no exception to this, they’re just as grim and maybe even more messed up! Don’t Starve is smooth while playing and has that unique look that you’re sure to enjoy stoned. The game does include a story mode, but in the game, it is called adventure mode. The mastermind, Maxwell is the stories antagonist. The game is separated into chapters that have their own themes. In order to get to the next chapter you have to collect all four pieces of the “Wooden Thing”, put it together, and then activate it. Fighting the monsters, hunger, and insanity is a lot more fun than it sounds like! The music in the game is old-timey and sometimes creepy, perfect for this game! The main game has had two expansions before a third one was planned for some time in 2018. When all the main game stuff isn’t quite there anymore, you will be happy to hear about Don’t Starve Together. This is the main game with the perks of playing with your friends, and made even better if everyone is smoking!

       5. Saints Row series

Saints Row

Saints Row is a games series that many believe started as a Grand Theft Auto clone. It didn’t have much to separate it from the GTA series, though it did have a more non-linear approach to the story to try to make it different from GTA. The story will introduce you to memorable characters like Johnny Gat, Shaundi, and Pierce. Some missions feature songs that somehow perfectly fit the occasion like Kanye’s song “Power”. You will be able to find yourself immersed in the first three games in the series. The fourth game has received mixed reviews. Some people feel like the fourth iteration has gone too crazy by giving your character powers. People think that these powers, which make it so you don’t need a vehicle, has taken away from the game. The graphics aren’t too much to gawk at as the game a slightly more cartoony appearance than GTA. The gameplay of Saints Row doesn’t differ much from GTA so you will have fun if you enjoy GTA. With every game in the series, it tries to make itself stand more and more apart from GTA. And that is how we went from popping caps to hitting people with a dildo bat in Saints Row 3. The weapons get more and more creative as the series goes on. With all of these crazy weapons, a decent story to follow, and being able to customize your vehicles, there is a ton of fun to be had. There are different choices to be made in some of the games giving them at least some replay value. Ever shot enemies with a gun that plays dubstep at people to make them dance? Well, it is time to try it while smoking a fat one!

       6. Guitar Hero or Rock Band

Rock Band

Guitar Hero and Rock Band are on this list in the same place because they are practically the same game. In these games, you play instruments or sing your way to as high a score as possible. The graphics in these games aren’t anything special, but some of the characters do have cool designs. With more than ten games between the two franchises, there are some story modes mixed in for you to take your band to the top. With that many games, you can only imagine how many songs there are for you to play! These games are set up to let you play with a group of friends. You can’t go wrong smoking some green while jamming out to tunes with your bud-dies. When you take all the games, songs, instruments, and difficulties, there is an astonishing amount of replay value. Overall these are still great games to play while getting stoned with your friends or family.

       7. Resident Evil

Resident Evil 4


Resident Evil is a game series that has many games and a huge following. The games range from survival horror to action-adventure. You have a range of stories to follow and characters to play as. Get ready to immerse yourself into Leon’s, Chris’, Jill’s, and more stories. You’ll find yourself wanting more and more resident evil as you immerse yourself in these characters lives. The music is fantastic with ominous tunes that make you want to look over your shoulder and epic music while fighting main baddies. Be ready to fight enemies with different abilities given to them through different strains of viruses. For the most part, the Resident Evil franchise does go for realism when it comes to their graphics. But that doesn’t apply to the enemies in the games. The enemies have all kinds of interesting cosmetics. Enemies include giant snakes, giants that will topple you and its allies, not to mention fighting a dinosaur with an eyeball in its mouth. So now the question is are these games fun? We at The Smoker’s Circle love the Resident Evil franchise and have a riot with their games. There is plenty of content with these games and a lot of replay value. When you beat some of the games more content will be unlocked for you. You can also play a couple of the games with a friend. Getting stoned with or without a friend will only better the player’s experience!Resident Evil 7


       8. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a game where you play as the leader of a small group of ghosts. Your group is sent into Bolivia, which has been turned into a narco-state, to kill the leader of the gang Santa Blanca. Wildlands is full of different ways to immerse you in the story. There are well put together missions videos that are sent to you, cutscenes,  audio clips across the map, and a bunch of files to uncover that will tell you more of the story. This game has upbeat and calming music while your traveling and it has some epic tunes for when doing serious missions and firefights. Wildlands doesn’t have any unique visuals, the game goes for a completely realistic look. This game looks good on consoles, but if you play this game on a powerful pc it gets to be mind-bogglingly beautiful. If you like tactical shooters then this game is for you. This game features a huge map with many different biomes and camo to use in them. Lots of guns to collect and different strategies to use on your enemies. You can also have your friends join your game and help you take down Santa Blanca to have an even more enjoyable time doing it. There is DLC for this game and after you reach level 30 you unlock tiers which will unlock more guns and cosmetics, as well as make the game much harder. You can go back and replay missions to help you level through the tiers faster. But aside from that, there may not be replay value without playing the PvP mode or playing with friends. Wildlands is a great game to play stoned because whether you want to smoke and enjoy the story or get completely blazed and just do side stuff, there is a lot of fun to be had.Ghost Recon Wildlands 2.gif

       9. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

This gem of a game, Red Dead Redemption, is an action adventure game with a western theme. You will follow John Marston on his path to, well… redemption. Marston is coerced into hunting down members of the gang he used to ride with by Edgar Ross who is in charge of getting rid of gangs in the west. Marston has already tried to leave the past behind, but now he’ll have to put his old partners six feet under this time. John’s story is great and one that you won’t want to stop playing. This is the first game by Rockstar to have an original score. The original soundtrack really hurls you back in time to the old west. Red Dead Redemption is another game that goes for realism. It doesn’t have any graphical effects that make it stick out. If going through this game single player wasn’t enough, invite your friends to play the online multiplayer with you. Here you will take out enemy strongholds by yourself, a random player, or even with your friends. A PvP option is also included in the online multiplayer. Unlock guns and cool mounts like the buffalo or the zebra donkey as you gain experience. This game is very fun to play through and a lot of fun to play online with your friends. Unless you really like the story there isn’t much replay value for the single player. But playing with your friends always makes some replay value. This is a fantastic game with or without ganja, but you might as well smoke to have the best time possible!   

Red Dead Remption 2

       10. Bioshock

Bioshock Rapture

Bioshock is a popular game series with three titles under its belt. The main protagonists of the games are Jack, Subject Delta or Johnny Topside, and last but not least Booker DeWitt. The games feature memorable antagonists like Andrew Ryan, Sofia Lamb, and Father Comstock. This series is full of good storytelling and fun gameplay. Bioshock 1 and 2 have eerie music making you take caution around every turn. While Bioshock Infinite’s music is upbeat and dramatic. Bioshock has had excellent art direction throughout the whole series. Bioshock’s story and gameplay are only enhanced by the amazing settings of Rapture, a city under the sea and a city in the sky by the name of Columbia. The Bioshock games are chock-full of creepy and creative enemies like splicers, big daddies, big sisters, and handymen. Jack and Booker will be using guns and powers called plasmids or vigor in Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite. But in Bioshock 2 you will be playing as a big daddy that is equipped with plasmids and some sort of powerful weapon in the other. There are multiple endings and different ways to play the game! That and the downloadable content gives you plenty of reason to go back and play the games again. Getting stoned is great for making Rapture creepier, Columbia more beautiful, and the fighting even more fun!

Bioshock Columbia

       11. 007 Goldeneye

007 Goldeneye

That’s right, get the crew together for some nostalgia and weed. 007 Goldeneye is the N64 game that defined the first person shooter multiplayer for a generation in 1997. Play as 007 and go through several exciting missions and trying to take down Goldeneye, the enemy’s secret superweapon. Bond’s action-packed missions have great music that’ll make you feel like you’re licensed to kill. This game features simple controls, gameplay, and graphics. In return, what you’re given is a fun and addictive four-player experience for you and your friends.  We see many classic Bond villains and heroes such as Odd Job and 007 himself. The character you play as makes little difference in gameplay outside of height and appearance. Even so, it’s still a blast to pick your favorite and kill your friends in old-school split screen madness. Just dig out your old console, call the gang, roll up some loud, and let the fun begin! 

Well, there you have it lit fam! 11 of the greatest video games to play stoned should leave you with at least a few hours worth of ideas. Think we missed something? Let us know what your favorite games to play stoned are in the comments below and on social media!


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