How to use CBD Oil


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The legalization of cannabis use in several US states has made the medical benefits of cannabis front page news. New studies and research come out daily highlighting the health benefits of the cannabis plant. People in parts of the country that haven’t legalized yet are scrambling to find legal access to those health benefits. Luckily Americans already have access to CBD oil derived from the cannabis sativa, hemp plant.

CBD oil has always been legal in the US but recently has gained popularity as increased research shows that CBD oil can help alleviate many of the symptoms of severe illness, treat seizures, and some studies suggest it can also treat depression and anxiety. The main thing to look out for is quality. If you go down to local head shop make sure you look for ingredient lists that are clear, look for higher CBD levels. It can be pretty hard to tell sometimes just looking at bottles in the local shop, harder still if you’re not comfortable in that setting. Take the time anyway or order online since buying a bad product is a bigger waste of money then buying higher quality products that may cost more.

How To Use CBD Oil

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CBD oil is taken in a variety of ways but we are going to go over a few methods in the list below. Bear in mind that we aren’t experts on what the exact best method for you will be and this is strictly for information purposes. After all CBD Oil is considered a supplement, meaning the FDA isn’t verifying claims made by big CBD companies. That leaves us, the consumers, to rely on brand reputation and word of mouth.


Vaping is probably the newest way to use CBD oil and as you might expect it’s also the least researched method in terms of medical studies. Many retailers sell CBD vape pens so they shouldn’t be difficult to find and many feel its easier to carry since most people won’t ask about your vape now that its commonplace. Many people claim vaping CBD has a quick relaxing effect that helps with anxiety while others felt it was far less effective than some of the other methods on this list. Our experience left us with mixed reviews but we all agree it does work but maybe not as long as other methods.


Using tinctures to drop a few drops of hemp oil under the tongue is probably one of the most common methods of consumption. While the taste of these drops can vary with some companies even offering flavors, it’s important to remember that the quality is the most important factor. There are many benefits from using CBD tinctures. Try it out and let us know what you think on Twitter @smoker_circle

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CBD Pills

Another common and well-reviewed method is capsules. For many taking a capsule a couple times a day is easier and more discreet, especially if you already take supplements and vitamins as part of your daily routine. At the time we are writing this no one at The Smoker’s Circle has tried this method but from what others report the typically higher doses of CBD in these products can make them very effective.

How do you use CBD oil? How has it helped? Comment below or join the conversation on social media.

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