Bong cleaning: A Concise Beginners Guide

Are you having people over to for a little circle time? Is your bong dirty? Then clean it! Even veteran smokers don’t like to smoke through a dirty smoking device. Your friends might not tell you it needs a cleaning or they might rag on you about it. Maybe you don’t know how to properly clean a bong or maybe you’re lazy. Either way, we at The Smoker’s Circle are going to teach you a few ways to make that glass shine like your buddy’s eyes after he tries to smoke that whole bowl in one hit!


Change water regularly

Changing water regularly and giving the bong a quick rinse will help prevent moderately used bongs from accumulating build up and gives you an excuse to add cold water or ice. (Both if possible.) But you know it only takes a few minutes to use the swish method to clean your bong and you’re already up. A word of caution though, don’t ever go rapidly from hot to cold with glass. Glass will break if rapidly cooled so rinsing a bong with boiling water then immediately dropping ice in it is probably a bad idea. 



This isn't coarse salt, just ISO and ...we don't know dish soap maybe?

“For most bongs, this method will quickly get your piece squeaky clean, but for bongs that are exceptionally dirty or have been sitting awhile you may need to try one of the other methods listed in this article.”

ISO Alcohol and Salt is the most commonly used and probably the most effective method for cleaning a bong especially if you do it regularly. All you need is salt (some recommend coarse salt) and ISO Alcohol. Add equal parts salt and ISO to your empty and rinsed bong cover the openings (downstem and mouthpiece) and shake vigorously.` The ISO will dilute and break down build up while the salt scrubs the glass. For most bongs, this method will quickly get your piece squeaky clean, but for bongs that are exceptionally dirty or have been sitting awhile, you may need to try one of the other methods listed in this article.


Burgundy SherlockSB-1257_3Green Goddess Supply


Bottlebrush and ISO


“.. ha nipples..”

For those exceptionally tarnished bongs, you might wanna invest in a cheap bottle brush or brush set. Many of us here at the smoker circle use this method on beaker bongs because it’s `also fairly quick and effective. This issue you may run into is finding a bottle brush to fit your particular bong as not all brushes are the same. We recommend one with an angled and narrow handle like the one shown above. Some brushes even have something to clean bottle nipples.. ha nipples.. Which is great for cleaning out the bowl and some downstems.


Brush Sets help get those hard to reach places718Wq7w5BmL._SL1500Green Goddess Supply


“Qtips and pipe cleaners always have a place in a Stoners toolbox”


The chemical soak

Okay, so that old piece lying around from college that you don’t ever remember cleaning but also has been sitting around untouched for a while may need a little more love than a quick swish or brush cleaning. Maybe the percolator and downstem make it especially difficult for the brush method? No problem! A number of companies make cleaning solutions that you can soak your bong in to help break down the build up. For this method simply buy the solution and follow the directions on the packaging which typically consist of filling a small tub or even just the bong itself with the solution and simply soaking your bong in it for awhile before cleaning. If you don’t like the idea of spending money all the time for cleaning solution we’ve got great news. Most of these solutions can be saved and reused.


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Parting Words

If you didn’t have any idea how to clean your glass before, then you certainly do now. Remember that any time you clean your glass piece with hot water be mindful to let it cool before adding cold water and ice. Remember that things like ISO and nail polish remover may require multiple rinses to get rid of. Trust us, no one wants to pull on nice clean bong and huff Alcohol with smoke. Now all that’s left is to spark up and enjoy.


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